Get a Slimmer Body through HCG Weight Loss

A feasible HCG weight loss plan consists of subjecting yourself to a restrictive caloric diet and taking in human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone that both genders secrete but is mainly in abundance in pregnant women.

The rationale for the increased HCG production during pregnancy may be related to the breaking down of the adipose tissues in order to provide energy for the developing baby. Because HCG is administered alongside a limited calorie diet, identical responses from the body are achieved and weight loss is sustained.

If you’re determined to try it, it’s important that you understand how to start the HCG weight loss diet. You also need to consult with a health professional and make sure you undergo a thorough physical check-up before starting with the weight loss plan, for more details visit URL.

Three Phases of HCG Weight Loss Plan

HCG dietThree phases make up the HCG weight loss plan. The first phase is called loading, and here, you’re allowed to binge on everything and anything you want to eat. The second phase is the maintenance phase wherein the restrictive caloric diet (limited to 500 calories per day) is observed. The last phase is the stabilization phase where you can go back to moderate eating (increase to 800 calories per day), although some rules are still to be enforced.

Now to make the second phase of the HCG diet more appealing, you need to try out some recipes that would make the daily 500-calorie limit a tad more acceptable.

Mouth-Watering HCG Weight Loss Recipes

A 500-calorie intake a day becomes more bearable when the food you eat is lovingly planned and prepared. One good thing about the HCG diet is that you can incorporate fruit, meat, fish, and vegetables into your diet to make it a bit fun, interesting, and tastier, too. Just because you’re on a diet doesn’t mean you have to find solace in tasteless recipes that make the idea of losing weight unbearable.

So, here are a few HCG weight loss dishes you can try as you work your way towards a slimmer you:

• Deliciously-made Lemonade. This is a kind of drink that could be consumed at any time. This fills, refreshes, and is an ideal substitute for water.

• Springy Citrus Basil Chicken. Don’t worry about cooking stuff separately. This recipe is simple to cook, and it is scrumptious enough to serve to other family members who are not on a diet.

• Voluptuous Appetizing Fish. For those dieters who are already in the second phase of HCG diet, this cooked fish is highly suggested to control hunger without even increasing caloric intake.

• Finger-licking and Tasty Crab Omelet. Who says that the HCG diet is limited to protein supplements and raw vegetable diet? A very well cooked crab omelet would help limiting hunger and will surely give your diet meals a tasty twist.

• Delicious Egg Custard. Supposedly, eggs shouldn’t be part of the HCG diet. However, with the use of artificial sweeteners, you can make an egg custard that puts the sweetness in your weight loss meals. Take note that the egg custard recipe is to be a strict part of the diet’s third phase, and is essentially suggested to maintain high protein intake.

These are just some of the best and most mouthwatering HCG weight loss dishes that could be integrated into the three phases of the plan, acting as substitutes to usual food. You can find the list of the ingredients and procedures for these recipes online. So, with no worries in your head, you can follow the HCG diet protocol and at the same time, enjoy mouthwatering meals.